The working conditions I am working in are harsh (smelly, dark, cramped, noisy, hot, cold, constricting position, unsafe).What should I do?

• Consult with your boss, the Health Supervisor, or Safety and Health Promoter, etc. at your company.
• The Health Supervisor or Safety and Health Promoter are people in your company whose job is to make the working environment better. If nothing changes even after consulting them or if you still do not know even after asking your company, seek advice in English from your supervising organization or from the Native Language Consultation Center of the Organization for Technical Intern Training (OTIT) in the [List of Consulting Services].Alternatively, ask a Japanese speaker whom you can trust to help you consult with a Labor Standards Inspection Office*1.
• *1 Labor Standards Inspection Offices are government offices that monitor whether companies are complying with the laws to ensure that their employees can work in good health and with peace of mind. You can use the QR code below to search for a Labor Standards Office in the area where you live. Ask someone who understands Japanese or a Japanese person near you.